Westside Motor Lounge: Atlanta’s Hottest New Hangout Spot

Welcome to Westside Motor Lounge, Atlanta’s latest and greatest hangout spot for entertainment, dining, and unforgettable experiences. Located in the West Midtown part of the city, Westside Motor Lounge is more than just a bar and restaurant; it’s a vibrant event space and venue that embodies the spirit of Atlanta’s dynamic social scene. Here, we’ll take you on a tour of our exciting establishment, highlighting our unique cocktails, New Orleans-inspired menu, and the diverse range of events that make it the hottest hangout spot in town.

Location & Ambiance

Situated in the developing Westside neighborhood of Atlanta, Westside Motor Lounge boasts an atmosphere that seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with a hint of vintage charm. Being an old mechanic garage, the updated venue’s sleek design and industrial accents create a trendy and welcoming environment. Whether you’re looking for a casual night out with friends or planning a special celebration, Westside Motor Lounge is the place to be for a memorable experience.

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The Hangout Spots

Explore the various hangout spots within Westside Motor Lounge, each catering to different moods and occasions. The main bar area is the perfect hangout spot to unwind after a long day, offering a wide selection of draft beers, signature cocktails, and affordable wines. Alongside the main bar, the restaurant features a diverse menu inspired by local flavors and New Orleans cuisines, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

For those seeking a more exclusive experience, Westside Motor Lounge is equipped to host private gatherings, corporate events, wedding receptions, and more. With a large stage for performances and customizable layouts, Westside Motor Lounge is the most versatile choice for any occasion.

Dining at Westside Motor Lounge

Westside Motor Lounge takes pride in its culinary offerings, curated to satisfy even the most discerning taste buds. The chef has a deep passion for creating dishes that reflect the unique and diverse culinary traditions of the region. Growing up, the chef was immersed in a rich culture of food, music, and celebration that has inspired his cooking and drives him to share the tastes and traditions of his hometown with the world.

With a commitment to using locally sourced ingredients and a dedication to the art of cooking, the chef brings the bold flavors and soulful spirit of New Orleans to every dish. From appetizers to small plates and main dishes, the menu is a fusion of contemporary “N’awlins” trends and classic favorites. Enjoy your culinary journey with shareable plates like the seasoned yucca fries or the sticky chicken wings (see image above).

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Signature Cocktails & Craft Beverages

The bar at Westside Motor Lounge is a haven for cocktail enthusiasts and beer connoisseurs alike. Our skilled mixologists behind the bar craft signature cocktails that reflect the spirit of Atlanta – bold, creative, and always in style. Sip on classic cocktails with a twist or explore unique concoctions that may be a little outside your norm.

Beer lovers will also appreciate the thoughtfully curated selection of craft beers on tap, showcasing local breweries and seasonal favorites. Our affordable wine list ensures that every palate is catered to, making Westside Motor Lounge the go-to hangout spot for those who appreciate a well-crafted libation.

Events & Entertainment

What truly sets Westside Motor Lounge apart is its commitment to providing a diverse range of entertainment options. From live music performances and DJ sets to themed parties and community events, there’s always something happening at Atlanta’s newest and hottest hangout spot.

Check the event calendar to stay updated on upcoming happenings. Whether you’re into dance parties, trivia nights, or live music sessions, Westside Motor Lounge ensures that every visit is a unique and exciting experience.

Come Visit Atlanta’s Hottest Hangout Spot ASAP!

It’s clear that Westside Motor Lounge is not just a bar, restaurant, event space, or venue – it’s a multifaceted destination that caters to the varied tastes and preferences of Atlanta’s diverse community. Whether you’re a local looking for a new favorite hangout spot or a visitor wanting to experience the best of Atlanta’s social scene, Westside Motor Lounge welcomes you with open arms and promises of unforgettable moments. Make your next night out a memorable one at Atlanta’s hottest new hangout spot – Westside Motor Lounge.

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